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motogadget mo.blaze disc


The mo.blaze disc is the latest generation of turn signal lights. The characteristic feature of the LED turn signal is the transparent light-emitting disc on a compact aluminium base providing the harmonious finish of the handlebar end.

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The subtle aluminium casing of motogadget mo.blaze disc is used for the secure mount of the plastic body only and includes the electronic control system together with high-end LEDs. Traditionally, the casing is made using CNC technology.

The turn signal for handlebar end installation has a very low construction height and, due to the transparent disc, the mo.blaze shows up with a very neutral and subtle look. That’s why the mo.blaze is the perfect match to many styles and all types of motorcycles.

Like any other regular LED turn signal, the turn signal kit can be operated with load resistors or any of motogadget load independent flasher relays (m.flash, m.wave, m.stop, m.relais+).

The mo.blaze disc has E-mark and front turn signal approval.

Important! Always make sure to order a complete set consisting of the left and right side turn signal assembly.

  • Completely unique, minimal design and functionality
  • Barely recognizable on handlebar when OFF
  • Extremely bright light to front side, well recognizable light output to rear side
  • State-of-the-art, high performance LED technology called IntensiLED
  • Electronic voltage conditioning and secure protection circuits
  • No need for turn signal indicator lights
  • Quite harmonious finish for handlebar end

We have installed motogadget mo.blaze disc turn signals on our BMW R100 RS project – click here and check how it looks on a motorcycle!


Diameter                                                        35mm
Overall length                                                68mm
Partial length outside handlebar                    20mm
Partial legth inside handlebar                        48mm
Cable length                                                  ca. 100 cm
Weight                                                           approx. 40g
Power consumption                                      approx. 7 Watt

Delivered with rubber clamping parts for steel and aluminium handlebars (22 mm and 1 in.) with 14 mm to 21 mm I.D.